WiFiMCU Introduction

WiFiMCU is developed based on  EMW3165. Run the Lua script directly; operate hardware resource; achieve product prototypes.EMW3165 is a low-power embedded WIFI module, which is developed by the Shanghai MXCHIP Technology Co., Ltd. It incorporates a WiFi RF-Chip and a microcontroller based on STM Cortex-M4.The WiFi module includes a "self-hosted" WiFi network library and application components. In addition, It also provides 2M bytes of out-chip flash, 512K bytes of on-chip flash, 128K bytes of RAM and a rich peripheral resources.

Script program, Open source software and hardware,Multi-Interface,Low-Cost

Interaction easily, Lua scripts program,Run directly

Reliability,STM32 MCU,Multi-Interface with sensors/monitor/actuator

3d开奖结果今天结排三国Lua interaction,connect with wireless router,Send data to remote server,Provide rich WiFi and net function

hardware feature

Cortex-M4 microcotroller
100MHz,Cortex-M4 core
2M bytes of SPI flash and 512K bytes of on-chip flash
128K bytes of RAM
17 GPIO Pin
SWD debug interface
11 PWM
Broadcom IEEE 802.11 b/g/n RF Chip
Supports 802.11 b/g/n
Receiver sensitivity:-87 dBm
Station,Soft AP and Station+Soft AP
CE,  FCC  suitable
Operation Temperature:-30℃ ~ +85℃
Software Feature

3d开奖结果今天结排三国lua interpreter,serial interation,wifi and net module,file system,interface module

tcp/udp debugging tool

serial debugging tool(putty、tera term pro),serial parameters:115200,n,8,1



Build AP
>cfg={ssid='Doit_3165',pwd=''} wifi.startap(cfg)>function listen_cb(c,ip,port)    c:on("disconnect",function(c) end)    c:on("sent",function(con) end)    c:on("receive",function(c,pl)    c:send([[HTTP/1.1 200 OKServer: WiFiMCUContent-Type:text/htmlContent-Length: 19Connection: close]]..'\r\n\r\n'..[[Welcome to WiFiMCU!]]) end)end>sk=net.new(net.TCP,net.SERVER) sk:listen(80,listen_cb)
Connect Wireless Router
>print(wifi.sta.getip())>cfg={ssid="Doit",pwd="123456789"} wifi.startsta(cfg)>print(wifi.sta.getip())
Connect Remote Server
>sk2=net.new(net.TCP,net.CLIENT)>sk2:on("connect",function(c) print("client connected") c:send("From WiFiMCU") end)>sk2:on("receive",function(c,pl) print("receive data:"..pl) c:send("Hello WiFiMCU")end)>sk2:connect(6579,"")
GPIO Operation
Timer Operation
> function tmr_cb() print('tmr1 is called') end> tmr.start(1,1000,tmr_cb)> tmr1 is called
File Operation
> file.open ("test.lua","w+")> file.write("this is a test")> file.close()> file.open ("test.lua","r")> data=file.read()> print(data)this is a test> file.close()>
>file.open ("init.lua","w+")>file.write("print('Hello world!')")>file.close()>mcu.reboot()
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